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( Anzahl der Produkte: 156 )

Ground Game training clothes are known for their comfort, durability and unique design. Every element is created based on our own training experiences and in consultation with leading BJJ, MMA athletes. We perfect the smallest detail, taking care of reinforced seams, precise embroidery, accurate printing, and many other details, providing our customers with professional sportswear. Rash guards, shorts, leggings, and BJJ kimonos from Ground Game withstand years of grueling training and competitions. They are worn by top athletes and coaches in Europe.

Breathable and durable material

During physical exercises, your body sweats, so proper ventilation is crucial. No-gi training clothes are made of elastic, durable, breathable fabrics (polyester and elastane blends) that wick away moisture. Additionally, we use flat seams with elastic threads that do not irritate the skin during training while preventing the clothes from tearing. For BJJ gis, we use strong, durable braids. You will find the exact type and weight in the description of the chosen model.

Comfortable cut

Ground Game training clothing stands out with its cut that does not restrict movement. Each new model is tested on the mat, allowing us to improve every element before it goes on sale. Rash guards, leggings, and Vale Tudo shorts fit perfectly on the body, acting like a second skin, and loose MMA shorts have a panel in the crotch and splits on the sides of the legs. Each product page includes a size chart to help you choose the right size. If you have any questions or doubts, please contact us, and we will be happy to help!

Exclusive graphics

Ground Game collections are known for their great, unique designs. We have prepared models for fans of rich, colorful graphics, as well as minimalist collections from the Athletic series appreciated by supporters of simplicity. Kimonos are available in many color versions and decorated with high-quality embroidery and patches.

In the case of rash guards, leggings, and shorts, graphics are applied using the sublimation method, which makes the print practically indestructible and the colors vivid. Proof? You will meet professionals wearing rash guards from our first collections at competitions - they are still in great condition. Properly caring for your sports clothing (details can be found on the tag), you can be sure it will serve you for many years. If you plan to train seriously, Ground Game training clothes will be a profitable investment. Additionally, when you buy at least 2 products from the collection, you get a 10% discount.